South Carolina Alcoholics Anonymous

Website Committee

Area 62 Website

This Committee has been in existence since 1999. It became official in the revised Structures and Procedures of October 2001. Prior to the creation of the Website Committee, a member suggested to the Area Assembly that we ought to have a website for public information purposes (sometime in 1996!). The Committee developed Guidelines for our website which Assembly approved.

Our website is fully funded by Area 62. Since it is designed and maintained by members the expense is very reasonable. We have assisted other Areas in the development of their sites. The Website Committee and Coordinator work closely with the Area's Secretary and Registrar, each Service Committee, and Intergroups to assure that information posted on the website is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Thank you for your interest in our Area 62 Website Committee. Please email comments, questions and concerns to .

What's New?

The website redesign is complete.

In order to better serve the still-suffering alcoholic and the members of AA in SC as a whole, we have improved meeting/group search functionality, added additional ways to quickly find meeting schedules, and added additional content to focus on professionals seeking information about AA for their clients as well as information for prospective members who wish to find out if AA is for them too.

In addition to the new look and content improvements, much has been changed in the background code and page structure to dramatically decrease site maintenance chores going forward.

What's Next with the Redesign?

  • Update and simplify the district web rep interface
  • Beta testing the web rep interface
  • Update public and members section content as directed by the Area Committee
  • Online registration application for the Area Assembly
  • Online registration application for the Area Conventions