South Carolina Alcoholics Anonymous

Literature Committee

Purpose of a Literature Chairperson

Whether group, central office or intergroup, area or district, a literature chairperson:

  • Informs groups, district or area assembly members, through displays and other suitable methods, of all available Conference-approved literature, audiovisual material and other special items.
  • Provides service-oriented literature for groups and area and district functions as funded.
  • Considers suggestions regarding proposed additions to and changes in Conference-approved literature and audiovisual materials. Encourages A.A. members to read and purchase A.A. Conference-approved literature.

Excerpted from "A.A. Guidelines /Literature Committees"

Resources for Literature Committee Chairs

  • An overview of the substance and content of our literature is found in the A.A. Service Manual.
  • "job description" for a literature chairperson is found in "The A.A. Group" pamphlet (page 28). This description equally relates to the district function.
  • Conference-approved Literature and Other Service Material (catalog) with corresponding order form.
  • Service Material Available from G.S.O. This service piece is an excellent source of material that will aid in informing your district and GSRs.
  • Box 4-5-9 (order form). A.A.'s bimonthly newsletter carries the most recent A.A. announcements and news from across the U.S. and Canada, as well as A.A. worldwide. Encourage the GSRs in your district to suggest that their groups subscribe to Box 4-5-9, and ask permission of your district to order a bulk subscription for your literature table.
  • The Literature Chairperson Information form (available from G.S.O.) may be filled out and sent to G.S.O.'s Literature Coordinator. Please make a copy available to your area literature chairperson. These forms may also be made available to the GSRs in your district to take back to their groups to register their literature representative.

Excerpted from "A.A. Guidelines /Literature Committees"

Some Literature Committee Advisory Actions

It was recommended that:

1968: Conference-approved literature and G.S.O. Guidelines be displayed and distributed at assembly meetings

1969: One group member be chosen to be solely responsible for the distribution of Conference-approved literature and its display.

1971: The delegates assume responsibility for informing A.A.s of all available Conference-approved literature, and that the updated spring and fall literature order blanks which are mailed with Box 4-5-9 be reviewed at district and assembly meetings.

1972: It be suggested that when a local A.A. facility (central office, intergroup, group, etc.) sells non-Conference-approved literature, it be clearly designated as such.

1977: It was suggested that A.A. groups be discouraged from selling literature not distributed by the General Service Office and the Grapevine.

1986; In an effort to strengthen our network of literature representatives to ensure that A.A. literature is available at meetings, as well as catalog order forms for books and cassettes that individuals are likely to want, it is suggested that groups appoint literature coordinators.

The spirit of the 1977 Conference action regarding group literature displays be reaffirmed, and recommended the suggestion that A.A. groups be encouraged to display or sell only literature published and distributed by the General Service Office, the A.A. Grapevine and other A.A. entities.

Excerpted from "A.A. Guidelines /Literature Committees"