South Carolina Alcoholics Anonymous

Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee


P.I. / C.P.C. What's the Difference? And Who Does What?


  • Deals with the general public
    • Gives talks at schools to students and/or parents
    • Gives talks at churches when addressing the congregation
    • Gives talks at businesses and corporations when addressing when addressing the general employee population
  • Provides a booth or table at community health fairs
  • Places A.A. literature in libraries, Chambers of Commerce, schools, doctor's offices, churches, buses, etc.
  • Provides A.A. public service announcements (PSA) tapes and scripts to local TV and radio stations
  • Gives anonymous talks on radio and TV
  • Carries the A.A. messsage to any public function when asked to do so


  • Deals with professionals in the community
    • Gives talks at professional seminars, business functions when addressing the management staff
    • Gives talk at schools to the staff and administration
    • Gives talks at health fairs and seminars conducted for the professional, such as, doctors, nurses, teachers, nurses, teachers, clergy, media, judges lawyers, court officials, etc.
  • Sends annual letters to the media informing them of the Eleventh Tradition (Anonymity)
  • Sends annual letters to the schools and churches informing school administrators and the clergy that A.A. is available and what and who we are
  • Sends annual letters to the magistrates and treatment centers informing them of the Fifth Tradition (Singleness of purpose, what A.A. is and is not)
  • Sends annual letters to funeral directors informing them of the Seventh Tradition (No funds can be accepted from a non-A.A. member as a memorial to the deceased).

Note: This is a simplified guide. Some responsibilities of each committee may cross over to the other. Just remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

What's New?

Check back for updated information on what we are doing to help reach the still-suffering alcoholic.