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South Carolina Alcoholics Anonymous -Whenever anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, we want the hand of A.A. to be there
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About Area 62

Area 62 is composed of AA groups meeting in the state of South Carolina and a few groups meeting in neighboring North Carolina. Through our 3 meetings held annually in a central location, the Area 62 Assembly serves to unite AA members in S.C. and to provide a voice for SC members in matters affecting AA as a whole. To learn more about our Area Assemblies and what's going on in Area 62, (click here).

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Self Support

Alcoholics Anonymous is self supporting solely through the voluntary contributions of AA members. Area 62 accepts contributions from AA Districts, AA Groups and Individual AA members only. If you wish to make a contribution you may send your contribution to the address (here) in the password-protected members section or contact the to request the mailing address. To make a contribution to AA World Services (GSO), (click here).