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A.A. Grapevine Reps (GvRs)

The basic job of the Grapevine representative, or GvR, is to make the magazine available to the home group, and to encourage AAs to read it, subscribe to it, and use it in Twelfth Step work. The GvR may volunteer for the service position or be elected. Most GvRs have found that simply bringing The Grapevine to the attention of their group on a regular basis raises awareness about the magazine and eventually expands its readership. GVRs who read and enjoy the magazine themselves are likely to communicate their enthusiasm to others.

GvRs at group, district and area levels are a vital part of The Grapevine helping us to continue carrying the message of AA. What started out in 1944 as an eight paged newsletter grew into a full magazine that not only served as Bill W.'s communication tool to the growing number of AAs but has now reached a monthly circulation of approximately 115,000.

Grapevine (our meeting in print - anytime, anywhere) is calling the younger, computer savvy generation. AUDIO Grapevine - download to your computer, your ipod, MP3 - check out sample audios. New journal dedicated to young people - IN OUR OWN WORDS: Stories of Young AAs in Recovery.

Does your home group have a Grapevine or LaVina Rep? Do your members bring their old issues to share in newcomer packets? Does your home group subscribe to the Grapevine? Does your home group utilize the magazine for discussion topics?

Read it in the Grapevine or LaVina - share your recovery experience, strength and hope - submit an article, share a laugh, a picture of your meeting place, hear from oldtimers, stay connected to recovery and plant the seed of hope to others. Subscribe, share, contribute -- utilize this great tool for keeping recovery alive.

Grapevine Workshop

Grapevine Representatives section at the A.A. Grapevine Website

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Please bring your old Grapevine to the next Area Assembly to be passed on to the Correctional Facilities Committee and Treatment Committee for use in carrying the message to others!